American Fútbol


Peter Karl, Petar Madjarac

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Estados Unidos

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94 min.




American Fútbol takes us on a four-month adventure through Latin America with a group of American friends and filmmakers as they discover the unique power of soccer to unite people and transcend sports. Like food and music, soccer – or fútbol – is a universal language, and as they travel down through Central and South America, the crew use it to better understand and connect with their neighboring cultures. From Mexico to Colombia to Brazil, their adventures immerse audiences in the infectious passion and inspiring stories of the beautiful game.

“Soccer was our passport on this journey,” said director/producer Petar Madjarac. “It helped us cross the U.S./Mexico border, bonded us to a team once run by a Colombian drug cartel; introduced us to a blind soccer team in Bogotá, and explained how soccer impacts racism in Ecuador. This was the trip of a lifetime, and it showed us – and hopefully the viewers will see this – the power of soccer to be more than just a game.”

The film, which was shot in the run-up to the World Cup in Brazil, was co-produced by Madjarac, Sam Mathius, Austin Ahlborg, and Peter Karl, who is also the film’s writer and co-director.


AMERICAN FúTBOL. Direção: Peter Karl, Petar Madjarac. Estados Unidos. 2019. DVD.