GB united?


Steve Menary


British Olympic football and the end of the amateur dream


Pitch Publishing





Área de concentração

Jogos Olímpicos








Ackowledgements, 9

Foreword, 11

Abbreviations, 15

Introduction, 17

1. Origins, 27

2. London 1908 and Football”s Great Gentleman, 37

3. Stockholm 1912 and Woodward signs off in style, 57

4. Antwerp 1920 and a shock to the system, 75

5. In/out, North/South, 91

6. Berlin 1936 and a brush with evil, 107

7. London 1948 and the Busby Boys, 133

8. Helsinki 1952 and Winterbottom”s Woes, 159

9. Melbourne 1956 and too many Bulgarians, 177

10. Rome 1960 and a very British failure, 201

11. Toyko 1964, goodbye Norman Creek, hello Charles Hughes, 235

12. Mexico City 1968 and a fragile alliance shatters, 251

13. Munich 1972 and the last Scotsman in Britain, 267

14. The end?, 283

Full Olympic squads and results, 289

Amateur lasts, 313

References, 314


GB United? É a história da única vez em que as quatro partes do Reino Unido da Grã-Bretanha e Irlanda do Norte conseguiram resolver suas diferenças e jogar como uma única equipe nos Jogos Olímpicos. O livro conta a história dessa equipe que jogou muito tempo antes da Copa do Mundo existir, mas desapareceu há quatro décadas. Contada por meio de entrevistas com dezenas de jogadores, GB United conta a história de uma equipe que vai reaparecer novamente nos Jogos Olímpicos de Londres em 2012 e atrair a atenção do mundo.


GB United? is the story of the only time that the four parts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland managed to settle their differences and play as a team in the Olympic Games. As the book charts the history of a team that played long before the World Cup existed but vanished four decades ago, the story of the lingering death of the amateur ethos in football unfolds. Told through interviews with dozens of players, GB United? is the previously untold history of a team that will reappear again at the London Olympics in 2012 and grab the world”s attention.


MENARY, Steve. GB united?: British Olympic football and the end of the amateur dream. Brighton: Pitch Publishing, 2010.