In a League of Their Own!


Gail J. Newsham


the Dick, Kerr Ladies 1917-1965


Paragon Publishing









Resumo (outro idioma)

Football’s best kept secret. Revised and updated: New world records revealed The Dick, Kerr Ladies were a bunch of ordinary factory girls from Preston who set the football world alight during the First World War while raising tens of thousands of pounds for charity. They became household names and went on to become the most successful women’s team ever, setting records that will probably never be equalled. In a League of Their Own! is a true story of Triumph, Glory and Betrayal. It charts the team’s journey through the years, profiles the great pioneers of the game, reveals the prejudice and injustice they encountered and uncovers how others sought to exploit them. Not merely a book for sports lovers, but a unique history that will touch and inspire everyone to carry on against all the odds. Women’s football has taken a back seat for far too long. In a League of Their Own! is an extraordinary account of an amazing group of women who blazed a trail in football almost 100 years ago. Their record is second to none and makes you question exactly what could have been achieved but for the injustice of an FA ban in 1921. Gail Newsham has saved a huge amount of women’s football history from being lost forever. The Dick, Kerr Ladies have left a remarkable legacy. I have been moved and inspired by their story. I am sure you will be too. Sylvia Gore M.B.E. ex England international. In a League of Their Own! – Should be compulsory reading in every school throughout the world. It shows the tenacity of the Dick, Kerr Ladies at a time when women were regarded as second class citizens. Their story is a compelling piece of world sports history and should never be forgotten. Gail Newsham provides us with a crucial part of women’s football and social history showing how the Dick, Kerr Ladies persevered against all the odds. Sheila Ferguson – singer, actor, author.


NEWSHAM, Gail J.. In a League of Their Own!: the Dick, Kerr Ladies 1917-1965. Trowbridge: Paragon Publishing, 2014.