Sports and Nationalism in Latin / o America


Héctor Fernández L'Hoeste, Robert McKee Irwin, Juan Poblete


Palgrave Macmillan










Introduction, 1
Héctor Fernández L’Hoeste, Robert McKee Irwin, and Juan Poblete

Part I Sports and the Construction of Nationalism
1 Football and Patria, Ten Years Later: SportsNationalism as a Commodity, 29
Pablo Alabarces

2 The Antinational Game? An Exploration of Women’sSoccer in Latin America, 45
Joshua Nadel 

3 (F)Utopias: The Nationalist Uses of Soccer in Costa Rica, 67
Sergio Villena Fiengo

4 Race, Sports, and Regionalism in the Construction ofColombian Nationalism, 85
Héctor Fernández L’Hoeste

Part II Sports as Intranational Mediation

5 The Players of the Brazilian Football Team as a Model ofCulture: Life Stories Mediated by Television News, 109
Vander Casaqui

6 Nationalism and Public Policies of Sports in Brazil, 125
Renata Maria Toledo and Maria Tarcisa Silva Bega

7 The Nation in the Strike Zone and Reality at Bat:Bodies, Voices, and Spaces of Cuban Baseballin Sport Documentaries, 141
Juan Carlos Rodríguez

Part III Sports and Alterity 
8 “Can I please have a ramp with that Gold Medal?”:Colombian Paralympics and the ProstheticLim(b)inality of Nation, 163
Chloe Rutter-Jensen

9 Women Boxers and Nationalism in Mexico 181
Hortensia Moreno

10 “You Have the Right to Surf!”: Riding Waves ofModernity, Decolonization, and NationalIdentity in Peru, 201
Dexter Zavalza Hough-Snee 

Part IV Sports as Transnational Mediation
11 Guillermo Vilas, “Tennis’s Sexiest Man”: The ArgentineDictatorship in the US Tennis Press, 1974–1982, 227
Robert McKee Irwin

12 The Meanings of Manu: Style, Race, and Globalizationin the Culture of Basketball, 249
Yago Colás

13 Latino Soccer, Nationalism, and Border Zones inthe United States, 269
Juan Poblete

Notes on Contributors, 289
Index, 291

Resumo (outro idioma)

This collection interrogates sports in Latin America as a key terrain in which nation is defined and populations are interpellated through emotionally charged practices (state policy, media representations, and sports play itself by professionals, national teams and amateurs) of inclusion and exclusion.


L'HOESTE, Héctor Fernández; IRWIN, Robert McKee; POBLETE, Juan. (Orgs.). Sports and Nationalism in Latin / o America. Londres: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.