About our goal

About our goal

Our Website Ludopedio, as his meaning in Portuguese says, has come to talk about association football with an interdisciplinary view, linked with the many areas of the Human Sciences.

Our goal is to create a net of information, researchers and people who are interested in the football subject. The idea of building this space has come from the necessity and absence of a center to gather the information, texts and researches about football that currently are scattered.

Our proposal is academic and independent.

We´ll have many sections …

Weekly, our visitors will be able to read texts and essays in our Arquibancada (Stands) section, marked for its heterogeneity of ideas, positions, proposals critics, etc. As every stand should be…

Every month, we will publish an Interview with personalities, professors, researches and professionals of the football universe.

In the Library, we gather information, text and researches about football, that currently are sparse. This way, everybody will be able to access articles, thesis, dissertations, international and Brazilian book references and other kind of works.

In the Comunidade Ludopédica (Comunity), an interaction space with the passionate football fan, the goal is to create a net of information, researchers and people that are interested in the football theme.

Memory is divided in three parts. In our Time Line it will be possible to find important dates of Brazilian and worldwide football. And, visit the Museum, our sections dedicated to historical objects and collectors’ items.

Daily, in the Football-Art section, you will find football universe related picture, in its different views an expressions.

There is, yet, a space for Events, masters and Phd defenses and lectures.

Know how to participate and collaborate with texts, pictures and other things in the link.


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